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My Story

I've been a closet baker since having children, decorating Octonauts cakes at midnight and liking nothing more than an excuse to make a batch of brownies.  I decided on a whim to make of box of Mother's Day iced biscuits and the response was so overwhelming that I've not looked back and am now a firm, out-of-the-closet baker!

My children are my taste testers.  I often appear at school pick up with various prototype biscuits that occasionally meet their approval and my youngest daughter came up with the name Biscuit Fantastic!

I enjoy the creativity of icing and particularly love being given a brief for an occasion and designing biscuits to suit.  From birthday parties, wedding favours, hen biscuits to place name settings and anything you can shake a biscuit at - biscuiting is fun and delicious and I'd love to make something special for you.

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