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A super fun half-term Halloween activity!  Suited for all ages (including adults!) and works particularly well with little ones for whom the icing set might be tricky.


Vanilla biscuits all ready made and iced, complete with mini paint brush and edible pumpkin paint card!


A kit of 5 vanilla Halloween biscuits:

1 x Boo

1 x Witch's Cauldron

1 x Haunted House

1 x Pumpkin Stack

1 x Bat


Simply wet the paintbrush and apply the edible paint to the ready made biscuits.  Then enjoy eating your spooky creations!


Biscuits last a good 3 weeks (stored in a cool dark place) so will last perfectly for the big day - although they're likely to get munched before then!


Out of Stock
  • Approximate dimensions are:

    Boo: 10.5 x 6 cm

    Witch's Cauldron: 7 x 8.5 cm

    Haunted House: 8 x 9 cm

    Pumpkin Stack: 13 x 7 cm

    Bat: 11 x 9 cm

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