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Here is a fun activity for all ages!  Decorate your own baubles and hang them on your tree.  The biscuits are in our special mellow Christmas Spice recipe - not a fiery gingerbread, but a gentle wonderful Christmassy flavour to suit the youngest to oldest of palettes.


A kit of 10 Christmas Spice biscuits:

4 x Large Teardrops

4 x Round

2 x Small Teardrops


The biscuits are all ready to decorate with enclosed icing, sprinkles and gold ribbons to hang your decorations.  Each kit comes with an easy to follow instructions card.


Biscuits last 3 weeks (stored in a cool dark place) so will last perfectly for the big day.  They will last a good few days hung on your tree  - although they're likely to get munched before then!


If this is a gift for children and you like to have a 'set' each (if you have the same squabbles we have in our house!) you can split the box into sets of:


Per child:

2 x Large Teardrops 

2 x Round

2 x Small Teardrops


You can add on extra sets.  1 Set comprising: 2 x Large Teardrops, 2 x Round, 2 x Small Teardrops.


As each biscuit is handmade, colours will vary.


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  • Approximate sizes:

    Large Teardrop: 8.5 x 9.5 cm

    Round: 7 x 8 cm

    Small Teardrop: 6 x 6 cm

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